On August 24, we were able to resume neutering ferals as we had caught up on our adoptables in the previous two weeks. We sent 15 ferals to PAWS from five locations, 9 males, 7 females. Charli transported in the AM, Dedra picked up.

On August 25th we sent our first cats to Spay Illinois, 4 ferals and one friendly, 3 males, 2 females. Debbie transported in AM and PM.

So, 20 for the week, 90 for the month of August, 549 for the year and 9,994 so far in 2017! This week we will achieve the 10,000th cat!

Many people are worrying about the animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Austin Pets Alive seems to be the go-to organization for information. Note that they are already being overwhelmed by donations of items. In the middle of a flood, there just isn’t anywhere to store stuff, no matter that you will need it next week, there isn’t anywhere to put it immediately because that place has to be made usable. There are several ways in which to donate funds so they can get what they need as they need it. They will be recovering from this event for a long time, animal surrenders will continue, buildings need to be repaired, the need to hold found animals as their people put their lives back together.

Keep in mind that the large organizations in our area are most likely going to bring truckloads of animals from down there and bring them here for adoption. This impacts animals here as people want to help by adopting a “Harvey” cat or dog. We’ve been thru this before, the local effect as our adoptions and donations are reduced by the phenomenal need elsewhere. Not everyone realizes the local impact, no rescue organization is an island, whether the emergency is in our county, our state or our nation.

Our thoughts are with the people and animals in the Texas area, our hopes are that they can recover and resolve all issues from Hurricane Harvey as quickly as possible!

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