Although Feral Fixers did not directly participate in Chicago's Clear the Shelter activity, we had a very successful adoption event on Saturday, 8/19, at Kriser's Natural Pet Market in Glen Ellyn. Thanks to Kriser's for inviting us and many thanks to the shoppers and the store for the many food and merchandise donations we received!

18 kittens (Sundance & Misty, Anemone, Andrew, Angela, AJ, TJ, Tia, Emerald, Parker, Pawly, Pax, Moon Pie, Buffy, Laylani, Roxy, Baby Ruth, Trixie) and 2 adult cats (BeeJay, Hastings) were the stars of our show. Everyone did very well, meeting and greeting our guests and being held and cuddled. The event was very well attended by potential adopters, particularly for the first couple of hours.

4 adoptions occurred during the event:

  • Andrew was adopted by a great gal and Feral Fixers' supporter in Woodridge, who was pre-approved. He will have a couple of male cat companions in his new home.
  • Hastings was adopted by a wonderful pre-approved cat loving family in Highland Park. He will have a 1 yr old brother/sister pair as playmates.
  • Roxy was adopted by a nice pre-approved family in Winfield. She will have a 12 yr old male cat as a companion, as well as the family's 3 children.
  • Buffy was the pick of a nice family from Glen Ellyn who stopped by the event and completed an application. They have a 5 yr old male cat, but Buffy will mostly be the companion of their high school age son. We also accepted some applications which are being evaluated and handed out a number of cards for both adoptions and TNR work.

17 adoptions occurred in our foster homes since the last adoption event on Saturday, 8/5. Popover, Moon Pie, Coral, Plato, Tootsie, Jackson, Cornetto, Mac, Sneekers, Nick, Stripes, Kevin, Anita, Baby, Agate, Kitty, Lady all found loving homes. We wish them much love and happiness!

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made the event possible by meeting and greeting our guests and advocating our cats & kittens to potential adopters, specifically Candy, Debbie, Lauren, Laurel, Erika, Marjorie & Murray, Pam, Marilyn, Diane, Catherine and Nikki. Special thanks to Candy and Debbie for help with adoption counseling and preparation of the adoption contracts.

Set-up was a bit squeezed as Kriser's asked us to come at 10:30, rather than our usual 10am. Thanks to Candy, Laurle, Lauren, Debbie, Marjorie & Murray for help with the set-up and clean-up. Special thanks to Laurel for breaking away from work to help with set-up!

Event publicity was definitely effective in drawing in the people - many thanks to Connie & Ted. Thanks to Candy for her media coverage during the event, when she could squeeze it in between adoption counseling, paperwork, set-up and clean-up. Great job as a jack of all trades, Candy! Thanks to Debbie for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board and transporting cats to/from the event, to Mike for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder, and to Lauren for creating all of the cute cage cards as well as bringing Comfort for Critters blankets for our in-store adopters.

As I have said before - we are a great team!

We have adoption events currently scheduled for every other week in September - a busy month ahead:

  • Saturday, 9/2, at Pet Supplies Plus at 720 E. Ogden Ave. in Naperville from 11am-3pm
  • Saturday, 9/16, at PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton from 11am-3pm - this is PetSmart National Adoption Weekend
  • Saturday, 9/30, at Two Bostons at 2523 W. 75th St. in Naperville from 12noon-3pm



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