The day started out in high gear at our adoption event on Saturday, 8/5, at the Wheaton PetSmart. We had 20 kittens (Baby Ruth, Snickers, Astrid, Laylani, Roxy, Plato, Plink, Poo-Bah, Popover, Larissa, Lando, Lauriana, Peter, Winnie, Boptcha, Babushka, Braveheart, Cecelia, Cedric, Cecil) and 2 adult cats (Bethany, BeeJay) as the stars of our show.

Several potential adopters came at the start of the event to meet our wonderful kittens and cats. One family was pre-approved and two others completed applications, vet checks were done in real time, and approval was granted for same day adoption. Another pre-approved family came by later in the day and selected their new little girl.

This all resulted in 4 kittens finding loving homes:

  • Braveheart was adopted by a great pet loving family in Wheaton and will be a special companion for their college age daughter, who is living at home. He will share his home with a 5 yr old female cat and 2 male Great Dane dogs.
  • Boptcha found a loving home with a nice family from Des Plaines. Their adult daughter selected her due the strong resemblance to her 20 yr old cat and Boptcha's sweet personality stole their heart. Boptcha will also have a 10 yr old female cat and 10 yr old male dog as companions.
  • Cecelia was adopted by a terrific family in Glendale Heights. They had been looking for awhile, but waited until their older cat passed to add a new kitten. Cecelia will have a 5 yr old female cat and two 10 yr old dogs as companions.
  • Astrid's beautiful silver coat and sweet personality won the heart of a great gal and her friend from Wheaton. Astrid will be her only kitty and the focus of all of her attention. They spent the evening preparing their home for Astrid's arrival and she went to her new home on Sunday.

In addition to these adoptions, we accepted other applications and handed out several cards and flyers. We also received a very generous donation of handmade fleeces and cat toys from Gabrielle Abogado at Pathways in Education. Many thanks to Gabrielle and her organization! It was a successful day :-)

During the 2 weeks since our last adoption event, 14 kittens (Albus & Allie, Alice & Almond, Brian & Brook, Bixby & Birney, Dasha & Dimitri, Snowdrop & Tulip, Sage, CJ) and 1 adult cat (Bette) have also found loving homes. We have lots to celebrate :-)

Many thanks to the volunteers (Sara, Bernie, Candy, Lauren, Debbie, Laurel) and fosters (Connie K, Diane, Karen, Mary, Mark, Julie, Judy) for making the day a success by greeting and interacting with our guests and helping to promote our wonderful cats & kittens! Once we got all of the linens from Debbie, when she arrived from picking up the kittens in the garage, set-up was a breeze, thanks to Laurel's, Sara's, and Bernie's help. Thanks to Debbie for handling the laundry - we will coordinate drop-off better next time! Clean-up also went smoothly, thanks to Bernie, Candy, Sara, Lauren, and Debbie.

Photography, videography and publicity before and during the event were also top notch, thanks to Connie B, Candy, Julie, and Ted! Thanks, Debbie, for the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board, and to Mike for the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder. Thanks also to Lauren for the cute cage cards as well as the Comfort for Critters blankets that we gave our adopters.

Our next adoption event is Saturday, 8/19, at Kriser's Natural Pet Market at 674 Roosevelt Rd in Glen Ellyn.



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