On Thursday's trip to ADOPT, it was discovered that Brodie, a feral, had a leg wound. ADOPT does not have the resources of a full clinic but they cleaned up the wound and he got a Convenia shot. He came back, the leg was draining well on Friday. Saturday morning, Brodie announced in no uncertain terms that he was friendly and we had better do something about it. Yelling and yelling and yep, yelling! We moved him into a dog crate and I watched the leg, it just was not scabbing over, still looked raw. Off he went to GEAH on Sunday to get a bandage. He was fine until I picked him up and five minutes into the car ride, half the bandage was off. Luckily the bottom half. He is such a sweet boy, he let me unstick the outside wrapping and reapply securely. Once the pain meds kicked in, he was fine.

Just one of the many cats we are caring for right now "As If They Were Our Own". He could probably go to a foster that would continue to crate him until the leg is healed. He's a big boy but very gentle.

(Click on the thumbnail of Brodie to see a full-size picture)

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