How many carriers could you fit in your car?

On 6/15 we went to both PAWS and ADOPT with a total of 6 friendlies and 19 ferals, 11 males and 14 females.

On Monday, 6/19 we used 5 slots for ferals at ADOPT, 4 females and 1 male.

On Thursday, 6/22 we doubled up once again, going to both PAWS and ADOPT with a total of 15 ferals and 7 friendlies, 13 females and 9 males but one male friendly was bumped due to Upper Respiratory symptoms.

Debbie, Charli, Dedra and Laura are doing a great job of transporting!!!

Hallway at PAWS

With these 5 trips we neutered 51 more cats, bringing us to 70 for June, 319 for the year and 9,764 since we began in 2007.

This week will also have multiple trips to multiple spay/neuter clinics. Thank goodness for transporters!

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