Gibbs (& FF volunteer Debbie)

Time to meet another recipient of "As If They Were Our Own"!

This is Gibbs. His person gave him the name Gibbs, we named his brother Tony. They and three other siblings spent the month before we learned of them living in a car. We don't know WHAT they did for litter boxes. ADOPT Pet Shelter was kind enough to take the three and we got Tony and Gibbs. Tony was healthy and went to be neutered fairly quickly. Gibbs needed a dental at a minimum, so he went to Glen Ellyn. He was neutered and had all his canines removed plus a couple more. One of the roots was deep and his jaw fractured during the removal - not uncommon it turns out.

But I want to get out!

Gibbs became quite the pistol when we attempted to medicate him with a pill, must have hurt so much, we had to switch to a liquid. Of course! after the stress they had been under and the additional medical work, they both came down with upper respiratory. And, so often, cats have to get a little bit healthier and then the parasites make an appearance - you have to be healthy enough to be sick! So after dental, neutering, antibiotics, 2 or was it 3 different anti-parasitics and two months of our great care, they are both in foster, awaiting their forever homes!

Speed Eating

We're more than half way there. Only a few more days left in our fundraiser - please help us continue to help the cats that we encounter "As If They Were Our Own"!

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