Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in sending these notes. It has been a very busy time of adoption inquiries since we posted our first round of young kittens. Happily we seem to lining up several good adoptions.

We had an awesome group of cats & kittens at our adoption event on Saturday, 6/17, at the PetSmart in Wheaton - 26 to be exact. This was our first showing of young kittens, born in 2017. We had 17 kittens ranging in age from 9-12 weeks (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Viggo, Vernon, Virgil, Violet, Aeon, Lacy, Lani, Lars, Bear, Princess, Bruce, William and Lenny). Except for a few occasional naps, all were happy to engage in play and receive cuddles from our visitors. We also had 9 wonderful older kittens and young adult cats at the event (Tango, Bali, Watson, Luna, Tony, Mojo, Tony II, Paige and Bethany). They all did very well also, although experience has made them a bit wary of these events, and they were a bit more reserved ;-)

Many people stopped by to meet and interact with our kittens and cats. Four folks completed adoption applications, which resulted in 2 near term adoptions and 2 possible future adoptions.

  • Lenny won the heart of a young gal in Wheaton. She and her boyfriend came to meet him again on Tuesday and completed the adoption. He is now in his new home.
  • Bruce was adopted by a young gal from Lisle. At the event she had her eye on Bear and Princess, but during a follow-up visit at the foster home, she and the kittens' foster mom agreed that Bruce was a better match for her current 9 mo old female kitten. Bruce will be transitioning to his new home next week when his adopter returns from vacation.
  • An application was received from a young gal in Downers Grove for Violet. This adoption is pending medical follow-up on the adopter's current kitten.
  • Another application was submitted by a young couple from Aurora, who will be looking to adopt later in the summer when they move to their new apartment.

There have also been a few adoptions since the event.

  • Silky was adopted by a young cat-loving couple from Bensenville. She will have 2 other cats to keep her company. Thanks to Laura for taking her to her new home.
  • Jack was adopted on Monday by a great couple from Chicago. He will have a 13 yr old male cat to be his buddy/role model :-)
  • Lacy & Lani were adopted by a terrific young gal from Lake Bluff. She will be taking them home next week after she gets everything ready in her home.

Visits are also scheduled for Viggo, Virgil and King, and applications have been approved for Lars and Ace or Queen, so keep your fingers crossed for some more upcoming adoptions.

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters for helping to make this event a success. Thanks to Sara, Laurel and Lauren for helping with the set-up - very efficient, as always. Thanks to Lauren, Candy, Debbie and Jill for your help during the event as well as with the clean-up. Thanks to Debbie for transporting several cats & kittens to/from the event.

Special thanks to the fosters who do lots of work everyday to prepare the cats & kittens for adoption and also for bringing your cats & kittens to the event and staying as much as you could to promote them - for this event specifically, Jillian, Christina, Diane, Sandy, Bonnie, Debbie, Marilyn, Amy, Erika and Catherine.

Thanks also to our "marketing" folks who help promote our cats & kittens. Candy & Julie - great job on the photography & videography during the event. Connie & Ted - excellent promotion on Facebook & our web site. Mike & Debbie - thanks for the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder & board. Lauren - great cage cards, as always.

We were fortunate to receive a sizable donation from one of our key supporters during the event. Tammy put this to good use by purchasing food & litter for our fosters. In addition, PetSmart provided some food donations and Dawn, our favorite Blue Buffalo representative, used her monthly corporate allocation for pet food to buy food for us. Thanks to all!

We have 4 events coming up in the next month. Please mark your calendars and hope you can join us.

  • Wednesday, 6/28, 9am-12noon - Informational table at the Tivoli Theater in Downers Grove (5021 Highland Ave). They will be showing "The Secret Life of Pets" as part of their Wednesday Morning $1 summer movie series focused on children.
  • Saturday, 7/1, 11am-3pm - Adoption event at PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton.
  • Saturday, 7/15, 9am-1pm - Informational table and adoption information at the annual Shred for Rescues event at Citadel Information Management in Westmont (827 Blackhawk Dr).
  • Saturday, 7/22, 11am-3pm - Adoption event at Pet Supplies Plus at 720 E. Ogden Ave in Naperville.



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