Walmart recently introduced FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING for online purchases.

You can donate much-needed items to Feral Fixers by shopping online at Walmart and selecting one or more of these items from our Walmart Gift Lists - and they will be shipped directly to Feral Fixers - no need to leave the comfort of your home!

To do so, visit the Walmart home page and click on Registry&Lists -> ListsAndSpecialOccasions. Underneath "Find someone's list" enter "Feral" in the First Name field, "Fixers" in the Last Name field and click on "Find". That brings you to our "Master Wish List Page". You'll see multiple Wish Lists - click on any one of them to get to one of our specific Wish List pages. You will see a list of all of the items we would like to have along with a quantity of how many of that item we would like to have. Select the item(s) you wish to donate along with the quantity and go to Checkout. In the Checkout process, select FERAL FIXERS LOMBARD, IL as the Shipping Address and the item(s) will automatically be delivered to us - with FREE, 2-Day DELIVERY! This is a great way to donate - fast, easy and all online!

Help us help the cats - thank you!

(Walmart has changed how they do this - for current instructions, please visit our Want To Help? -> Buy Something! web page - thank you!)

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