Sunday, 5/7, was a beautiful spring day for our adoption event at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton, as part of PetSmart National Adoption Weekend. While foot traffic was a bit light, we were visited by several potential adopters as well as other folks interested in meeting and petting our cats and kittens and supporting our cause.

3 kittens (Sneekers, Bali & Tango) and 5 adult cats (Benji, Paige, Pinto, Brooke & Watson) were the stars of our show. Everyone took the event in stride and were receptive and responsive to the attention they received.

Sneekers caught the eye of a young couple from Bartlett who recently lost their cat. Another wonderful potential adopter from Wheaton completed an application and is looking a young female cat. She lost her prior cat about a year ago. Follow-up is underway.

While they are not sure if they are ready to adopt at this time, the Spiotta family stopped by to meet our cats & kittens. They surprised us by purchasing and donating a cart full of food for our cats & kittens - all the brands & flavors we typically feed! PetSmart was kind enough to give them a bit of a discount to help their donation go further. What a wonderful, kind and generous thing to do! Thanks so much, Spiotta family! You made our day :-)

We also received another cash donation and PetSmart provided us with a cart full of canned cat food from their food drive. This is SO appreciated with kitten season upon us.

This is the time of year when our adoptions slow down a bit as most of our kittens from last season have been adopted and the young kittens we rescued this season are not quite yet ready for adoption. However, we still have 9 adoptions to celebrate since our last adoption event, namely PK, Sacha, Windy, Tito & Oriana (together), Henry, Hawk, and 2 FIV+ boys (Wayne & Pat). Congrats to these foster families and kitties!

Many thanks to the volunteers and foster moms for making this event possible. Thanks much to Candy and Lauren for helping with the set-up, and to Candy, Lauren, Debbie and Jill for helping with the clean-up. Thanks also to Diane, Candy, Debbie, Dedra and Amy for bringing your fosters to the event, and to everyone for helping to promote our great cats & kittens and interact with our guests. Special thanks to Nikki & Jessi for stopping by to drop off your recent adoption paperwork and interact with our cats & kittens.

Photography and videography of the event was great - thanks, Candy! Thanks Connie & Ted for the advertising on our web site & Facebook, and to Mike for updating our Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder.

Our next adoption event is targeted for Saturday, 6/3, at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton. We are likely to have some younger kittens born in 2017 available by this event.



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