On 4/6/17, we sent 17 cats to PAWS, 10 friendly, 7 feral. Of those, 11 were male and 6 females. One of the feral males was already neutered so our net for the day was 16.

On 4/13/17, 12 cats were transported to PAWS, 2 friendly, 10 feral. 7 were male and 5 were female. Of those, 3 were determined ahead of time to go to TreeHouse’ Cats at Work Program. They could not go back where they came from.

On 4/20/17, 9 ferals made their way to PAWS, 6 males and 3 females. 2 of these came from a location that had already had 5 cats removed – the elderly couple were in their late 80’s, not going to be living at this location much longer and neighbors were not cat-lovers.

All of these bring us to a total for these three trips of 37, year to date of 191 and 9,636 since our start in 2007.

Many thanks to Debbie, Charli, and Dedra for their commitment to transporting these cats!

We hope to see you all at the Kitten Shower on Sunday!

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