There was a very interesting article in the March 31st edition of the Miami Herald; "Guantánamo has a feral cat problem. Operation Git-Meow to the rescue."

From the article:


This base best known for its wartime prison has cats. Lots of cats. Kitty cats. Dumpster cats. House cats. Abandoned cats. Foster cats. Stray cats. Tabby cats. Cuban cats.

And, by the estimate of activists who want to do something about it, it has upward of 500 feral cats.

In an unusual alliance, some troops, civilians and visitors have teamed up with the global animal rescue group SPCA International and are asking the Navy’s permission to sterilize the cats. They’re also setting up a non-profit organization to help soldiers or sailors on temporary assignment here adopt them and take the home."

This is a very good article showing how teamwork between unlikely partners is addressing the problem. The article also includes a video.

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