Our 3/18 adoption event at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton was busy, fun and filled with energy. We had a number of guests come by to meet our cats & kittens and discuss possible adoption and fostering. Tracy's Dogs also brought 40 dogs to the store that day to complete their adoptions with their pre-approved adopters. So the store was hopping with cat and dog lovers!

6 kittens (Jasper, Betty, Mika, Parsley, Tisha & Bali) and 6 adult cats (Paige, James, Luna, Tito, Mary & Pinto) were the stars of our show. Tisha was a bit overwhelmed by the experience, but everyone else took it in stride. James was his usual out-going self and wanted to jump out of his cage and join in the action. Fortunately, he was willing to stay in his cage and just watch.

Two kittens went home from the event on Saturday. Myka and Betty were adopted by a young couple from Bloomingdale. They had been looking for a pair of fur children and Myka and Betty won their heart.

An application was also submitted for Luna by the the eldest sons of a family with 5 children in Glen Ellyn. With her laid back and gentle personality, Luna is a great match for them. I followed up with their parents and it seems like everyone is on board with the possible adoption of Luna, so Nikki is in the process of arranging a visit at her home. Fingers crossed for Luna!

Another family from Glen Ellyn also submitted an application. They are looking for a companion for their 3 yr old male cat. They were subsequently approved for adoption, but are waiting until after spring break to proceed.

A few other pre-approved adopters also came to the event. One gal from Batavia is looking for a companion for Runde, a 9 month old kitten she adopted from us a couple of months ago. Jasper and Parsley are two of her favorites. She is still deciding.

Another pre-approved couple from Maple Park came to visit the kitties at the event. They had previously met with Breezy and thought she was the one, but just wanted to make sure. While they enjoyed visiting with Tito, they ultimately decided that Breezy was the one. They will be picking her up shortly.

We also received a few completed foster applications (follow-up underway) and handed out several cards and flyers - a very successful day!

In addition to these adoptions, we had several adoptions in the week prior to the event:

  • Channing was adopted by the young couple who met him at the 3/11 event at Pet Supplies Plus.
  • Hopscotch was adopted by a retired gal who completed an application at the 3/11 event.
  • Lenny was adopted by a young couple from Naperville. Yeah, Lenny! They have no other pets, so he should be very happy :-)
  • Priscilla was adopted by a family from Palos Hills. They were getting new flooring on 3/20, so plan to pick her up after that.
  • Snow was adopted by a young professional gal from Chicago who works from home. She will be her princess ;-)
  • Rain was adopted by a family from Downers Grove. They have 3 Huskies, one of whom is greatly missing the cat they just lost, so Rain will have plenty of furry companionship.
  • Bonita & Brighty were adopted together by a young couple from Chicago, who were referred to us by Trusty's & Melanie's adopter.

So a great week overall!

Many thanks to the volunteers and foster moms who made this event possible. Thanks to Nikki, Cindy/Rick, Marilyn, Jillian, Diane, Debbie and Michelle for bringing your kittens & cats to the event and staying as much as you could to promote them during the event. Thanks to Debbie for transporting James, Paige & Parsley to the event. Thanks to Jillian for taking James home from the event - since all three of her fosters (Bonita, Brighty and Myka) had been adopted!

Thanks to Sara, Lauren, Candy, Debbie, Laurel, and Christine for helping with the set-up, clean-up and interacting with our guests and potential adopters. Sara & Debbie - thanks for your help with the adoption paperwork. Lauren - great job on the cage cards, as always. Christine - Thanks for working to recruit potential adopters, including some of your friends. Fiona, our animatronic mascot cat, was sporting her "Luck of the Irish" hat, compliments of Debbie.

Thanks to Candy & Sara for handling the photography & videography during the event. Thanks to Connie & Ted for helping to promote the event on Facebook & our Feral Fixers web site. Thanks to Mike for providing the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder. Thanks to Debbie for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board.

Our next adoption event will be scheduled soon on May 8th at the PetSmart located in Rice Lake Square in Wheaton - stay tuned for confirmation details.

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