Many thanks to Pet Supplies Plus in Naperville for hosting our adoption event on Saturday, 3/11, including our four special FIV+ boys, Youssef, Waylon, Corn and Star. Youssef displayed his friendly and playful personality as he greeted guests, enjoyed their petting and played with his cat dancer toy. Waylon was similarly engaging with our guests as he enjoyed belly rubs, entertained us with sweet meows and played with his cat dancer toy. Star and Corn handled the event more leisurely as they sprawled out in their cat beds and enjoyed occasional petting.

We spoke with several guests about FIV to educate folks that these friendly and out-going boys are very adoptable, deserve loving homes and would make wonderful, healthy companions for many years. Unfortunately, we did not receive any applications for these boys. However, our Change Their Luck promotion will continue for another few weeks. Through this promotion, we are encouraging folks to sponsor the adoption of one of these boys or take them home as a long term foster. What could be better than a sweet and loving companion in a long term foster arrangement??

In addition to our FIV+ boys, we had 3 kittens (Snow, Rain and Hazel) and 2 other young adults (Channing and Al) at the event. Snow, our 5 month old Siamese mix girl, brought a lot of attention and a few applications. Although she is beautiful and very affectionate with people, she does not enjoy the company of other cats, and needs to be an only pet in her household. This has ruled out a few applications. Rain was our cuddle bug, and enjoyed being held by several volunteers and guests. Unlike her sister, Snow, she is great with other cats. Hazel similarly showed us what a love bug she can be as she enjoyed belly rubs by several of our younger guests.

Channing caught the eye of a young couple from Naperville. He melted in their arms when we took him into a get acquainted room. They completed an application and we are working through some final checks. This was Al's first event, so he was a bit frightened, but he relaxed a bit when he got some one-on-one time with one of the volunteers.

We also received applications from two other potential adopters who are still deciding on their perfect match. The applications will be reviewed and visits in the foster homes scheduled this week.

Many thanks to the volunteers and foster moms who made this event possible. Thanks to Cheri for bringing the majority of the cats to the event and staying to promote them during the event. Thanks to Debbie for transporting Snow and Rain to the event. (Fortunately, they did not bring the weather associated with their names - bad humor ;-) Thanks also to Amy & KC for bringing Hazel to the event.

Thanks to Sara, Lauren, Debbie and Laurel for helping with the set-up, clean-up and interacting with our guests and potential adopters. Sara & Laurel - Your help with the tables and cages made set-up a breeze. Lauren - great job on the cage cards - very descriptive! Fiona, our animatronic mascot cat, was sporting her "Luck of the Irish" hat, compliments of Debbie.

Thanks to Sara for handling the photography during the event. Thanks to Connie & Ted for helping to promote the event on Facebook & our Feral Fixers web site. Thanks to Mike for providing the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder. Thanks to Debbie for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board.

Our next adoption event is next Saturday, 3/18, at our usual PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton from 11am-3pm. We will have even more cats & kittens at that event.

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