Fiona in her Valentine Day Hat

It felt more like a spring day than the middle of January when we held our adoption event at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton on Saturday, 1/21. The warm weather may have encouraged people to come out as we had many folks stop by to meet our kitties and several completed adoption applications.

4 cats and kittens went home during the event.

  • Lenny won the heart of a very nice couple from Oak Park. We were all delighted for Lenny to find a loving home! Lenny will be sharing his home with two dogs, and he is not a big fan of dogs, so I will be following up to make sure things go OK.
  • After some deliberation and a few eventful get-acquainted sessions (including retrieving the kittens from behind the vending machine in the PetSmart break room!), Harry and Brandy were the choice of a great family from Elgin. They had a hard time selecting two. We suggested three, but they settled on these two. Yes, we decided to split up Harry & Hastings. Their foster mom said that they were spending less time together, and I expect that Harry and Brandy will bond in pretty short order.
  • Not wanting to be left behind, Hastings charmed his way into the hearts of a nice family from Lombard. He will have another cat, dog and 3 cat-friendly :-) children to keep him company, so he will get plenty of attention.

3 other folks also completed applications and I am following up with them. Brodie and Bridget caught the eye of several folks. Cheri also completed the adoption of JoJo at her home during the event.

So it was a very busy and successful day. In addition to the adoption activities, we handed out flyers to our upcoming Panera Bread fundraiser on Tuesday, 2/14, 4-8pm at the Panera at 25 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton (see Feral Fixers web site for more info). Thanks to Sara and Christine for working with Tammy to help pull that information together. Fiona (our animantronic cat) sported her Valentine's Day hat and her new sidekick (yet to be named) sported a dinosaur hat, both knitted by Debbie. Lauren did a great job with the cage cards, as always, and Julie added some Valentine's pizzazz to the event by decorating the cages with hearts, Xs & Os!

21 kittens (Ava, Kevin, Bonita, Chickie, Zeke, Channing, Mystic, Brighty, Oriana, Brodie, Bridget, Brandy, Hollis, Hopscotch, Darby, Harry, Hastings, Tattoo, Timothy, Beaver & Bali) and 2 adult cats (Lenny & Mary) were the stars of our show. Everyone did very well.

Many thanks to the fosters who brought their cats & kittens to the event and stayed as much as they could to promote them and interact with potential adopters, namely Bonnie, Niki, Debbie, Diane, Jillian, Candy, Cheri and Kim. Special thanks to Debbie for transporting the kitties to/from our mini-shelter, and to Judy for helping coordinate the list of attendees. Thanks also to Nikki for taking Oriana to foster since Harry & Hastings were adopted.

Many thanks also to the volunteers who helped with the set-up and clean-up of the event as well as interacting with our guests, namely Sara, Lauren, Laurel, Bonnie, Christine, Jill, Debbie, Cheri and Julie. Special thanks to Sara and Christine for being great partners with the adoption screening as well as completing the adoption contracts. Thanks to Lauren for supplying all of our adopters with wonderful Comfort for Critters blankets. Thanks to Jillian for helping enter our adoption data into PetSmart's system.

Julie, Candy and Connie - thanks much for the photography/videography/social media coverage of our event. Connie and Ted - Thanks for promoting our event on our web site and Facebook. Mike - Thanks for the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder. Debbie - Thanks for the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board.

Again, another very successful team effort :-)

I am waiting to hear back on available dates at PetSmart in February to schedule our next event. PetSmart National Adoption weekend is February 17-19, so we will have an event at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square that weekend, likely on Sunday, 2/19. Please stay tuned for our upcoming schedule.

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