Different day, another 20 cats...

On Thursday Feral Fixers sent in 20 cats, including our 9,000th!!! Debbie & Laura transported in the AM and Dedra & Debbie picked up in the PM. We had 19 ferals and 1 friendly. Of those, 7 were female and 13 were male with one feral already being neutered. This is 19 for September, 582 for the year and 9,017 since we began 9 years ago!

PAWS people prepping for surgeries

The 9,000th cat was a brown tabby, Athena. Only now to be referred to as Athens because she was a boy. Most of our milestone cats have been older - more what people think of as a feral. Athens is typical in that we are not seeing as many older cats this year - still technically a kitten, probably 6 months old and unwilling to become friendly. We held onto him after trapping, prior to surgery for more than ten days, but he had no interest in interaction. He can go back to his colony and will do well.

I'm Athena and I'm NOT IMPRESSED!

Strangely enough, several of the milestone cats have gone on to become friendly after going back - is it being in the spotlight for that short time?

The day after surgery and all is good

We thought we would be done doing TNR long before this, now #10,000 is in sight!

Thank you all for your support! We couldn't do it without you!

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