2 Friendles

Another long week. On Monday, 8/8/16, we sent 6 cats to Glen Ellyn, 5 friendlies and one feral, all male. On Thursday, 8/11/16, we sent TEN friendly males to Glen Ellyn.

Ted's Baaack!

Also on Thursday, we sent 20 cats to PAWS, 18 ferals and 2 friendlies. Debbie and Laura transported in the AM and luckily Ted was available to transport in an emergency along with Debbie for pickup. There's a very short list of people who are able to transport when we're in a jam, so glad Ted is on that list! There were 18 ferals and 2 friendlies, of which 6 were males and 14 were females but one female friendly was denied surgery due to URI symptoms.

18 Ferals

So, 35 for the week, 64 for the month, 507 for the year and 8,942 since we started in 2007. We will be doing almost no trapping next week as we are blocked out of PAWS for the week but will be trying to get some friendlies done at Glen Ellyn, they've been a huge help!

Next PAWS trip 8/25!

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