Our adoption event on Saturday, 8/6, at the Pet Supplies Plus on Ogden in Naperville started out with a bang with 3 pre-approved adopters arriving right around 11am to meet our cats & kittens, who were also just arriving from their foster homes. Everyone was very busy introducing our cats & kittens, facilitating a dog test and completing adoption paperwork. Each pre-approved adopter went home with a new cat or kitten companion!

  • Talbot went home with a great gal and her 18 mo old daughter from Itasca. The little girl was gentle and Talbot was friendly and accepting. Talbot will have a playful 1.5 yr old tortie girl as a companion.
  • Tommy went home with a wonderful family from Downers Grove. He will be a buddy for their college-age son. Tommy will also have two female Labrador Retrievers to hang out with.
  • Stevie went home with a terrific family from Lombard. He will be a companion for their 16 yr old son. This family also has a 1.5 yr old female Australian Shephard dog, whom they brought in to test her reaction to Stevie. While she was curious and interested in checking him out, she was gentle, and Stevie seemed interested in meeting her. Hopefully they will soon become buddies, as both are energetic and playful.

Once this initial surge of adoptions were completed, things quieted down a bit. We had several other potential adopters who visited with our cats & kittens and took cards and information. A Pet Supplies Plus employee was smitten by Tamale and wanted to take her home, but unfortunately mom & dad did not think a kitten was such a good idea. We also had folks stop by for TNR advice as well as a gal who had rescued a 1 week old kitten, whom she brought in with her, and was asking for feeding and littering advice.

It was also a great day for donations. A long time Feral Fixers supporter stopped by and provided a generous donation of cats & kitten food and toys purchased from Pet Supplies Plus. Pet Supplies Plus followed in kind by donating cat food, treats and litter to us. Thank you both very much!

Fiona with her Banana Hat

Fiona, our animatronic white mascot kitty, sported her "Banana Hat", knitted by Debbie. She was quite vocal at the beginning of the event, so we had to put her on mute! She then did a good job of modeling her hat without causing disruption.

There were 5 adult cats (Mary, Floyd, Isabel, Tommy and Youssef) at the event, as well as 13 kittens (Fuzzles, Talbot, Tamale, Tanner, Scooby, Scooch, Jockey, Stevie, Halley, Hannah, Ambrose, Margery, and Dandy). Everyone did very well. Hannah was especially playful, particularly at the beginning. Everyone got a bit tired by the end of the event. Dandy, in particular, showed us he was done by hiding under his bed!

Many thanks to the fosters who brought their kitties to the event, specifically Cheri, Marjorie, Sarah, Diane, Christine, Judy and Tori & Taylor. Special thanks to Marjorie, Sarah, Diane, Christine, Judy and Cheri who stayed during all or some of the event to greet our guests and help promote their kitties.

Many thanks also to the volunteers who helped with the event, specifically Sara, Lauren and Laurel. We were a little short-handed, especially with the number of adopters who all came at once. Special thanks to Sara and Laurel for rearranging their schedule to stay for the entire event and for helping with the adoption paperwork. Many thanks to Connie, Sara and Ted for the great publicity and real time coverage of the event. Thanks also to Mike for updating our Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder, and to Debbie for updating our poster board.

Our next adoption event is scheduled for Saturday, 8/20, at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton from 11am-3pm. The Saturday after that, 8/27, we will be at the annual Shred for Rescues event at Citadel Information Management in Westmont from 9am-1pm.

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