First Element transport

It's been quite a week. We not only made our trip into PAWS on 8/4/16, but sent two separate sets of kittens to Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital on 8/1/16 and 8/5/16. Due to their budget constraints, PAWS has reduced the number of slots available to us to 20 per week. We used to send 30 - 40 cats per week so this has impacted our volume greatly. Since PAWS raised their rates in April, the difference between theirs and local vet fees is much less now and what else are we going to do? For a feral package $45 and $80 for a friendly package, versus a bit over $100 at Glen Ellyn, depending on the services we request. Much different from PAWS rate of $25 & $50, prior to April. Our hope is that things get better at PAWS but in the meantime we need to avail ourselves of more local, even if more expensive services. Please don't notify us of all the deals you know of - we have one more veterinary prospect we are looking into and that is what we are comfortable with for now.

Waiting for Surgery

On Monday, 6 male friendlies went to GEAH for neuter. On Friday, 5 male friendlies went for neuter at GEAH also. On Thursday, 20 cats went to PAWS, transported by Debbie & Charli in the AM and Dedra & Debbie in the PM. Of them, there were 7 ferals & 13 friendlies. There were 5 males and 13 females that had surgery as two of the friendlies had symptoms of URI when they arrived and surgery was declined for those two. So that brings us to 29 for this week and the month, 472 for the year and 8,907 since 2007!

Setting up Pre-Op

Also on 8/1, our new Element had the recalls done and on 8/5 it was detailed - Honda of Lisle has some "secret process" that they will not divulge but it really works! 13 years of nastiness is gone! Bringing it back from the detail, the 5 kittens were picked up from GEAH, its first official cat transport!

Thank you to those who have made donations, towards the vehicle and in the memory of Maureen Gilhooly. As you can see, they are definitely needed and so much appreciated! You keep us going!

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