Happy St. Patrick's Day! Feral Fixers sent 27 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic today to be fixed. We get all the details on today's trip from Feral Fixers president Tammy:

Today 27 more cats went to PAWS, 5 friendlies & 22 ferals. Of those, 17 were males and 10 were females.

One feral had pyometra (pus filled uterus) and it was very lucky that she got in to be spayed when she did. Three males from the same colony all tested positive for FIV. We had already found them to be on the verge of being tame = testing. We're holding onto them but this brings our total number of FIV+ cats on hand to 10 - we really need them to have homes, if not permanent, then long-term foster. They are such wonderful cats!

Debbie & Charli made the trip in the AM and Dedra and Debbie hauled them back - with the larger number of males they made it back a little bit earlier at least!

This trip was 27, the month of March is 64 total so far, 116 for the year and 8,551 have been neutered since 2007.

Thank you to our transport super-volunteers Debbie, Charli, Dedra and Debbie (again!).

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