Yesterday, Feral Fixers sent in its first load of cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed. Feral Fixers president Tammy summarizes the day's activities:

Feral Fixers sent 24 cats into PAWS today. Debbie & Charli chauffeured in the AM and Dedra & Debbie did pickup in the PM.

There were 6 friendlies and 18 ferals, of which 11 were males, 13 females. One feral female was already spayed but not microchipped. We knew that one of the ferals had a wound on her back but did not know that her tail also was injured - PAWS did a tail amputation on her - which the cat (even tho she's now wearing a cone) and Feral Fixers greatly appreciate!!! Skylar will spend some time in a dog crate to recover and since several of her colony mates have shown tendency to become friendly... stay tuned.

With this trip, we have neutered 23 for March, 75 for the year and 8,510 since we began as Feral Fixers in 2007.

On a completely unrelated note - Remember Tyco, our 1,000th cat of 2008 from November 8th, 2008 - well, he is showing signs of wanting to try the inside life, so someone is hopefully bringing him in this weekend and seeing if it will work out for him!

Thanks to super-volunteers Debbie, Charli, Debbie (again!) and Dedra.

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