On Saturday, January 9th, Feral Fixers held another successful Adoption Event - this time at the Kriser's store located in Glen Ellyn. Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption Coordinator Sue gives us the details:

Despite the snow showers this afternoon, we had a terrific adoption event at Kriser's today, resulting in 8 adoptions! Kriser's was very welcoming to us - helping with our set-up and tear-down, and providing a substantial food donation. We certainly thank them for this opportunity! It is a bit quieter environment than PetSmart, which the kitties certainly enjoy.

Speaking of kitties, we featured 13 kittens (Ruffles, Rutgers, Bonnie, Belle, Atlas, Adeline, Chloe, Casey, Rocky, Cream Puff, Bagel, Muffin & Presto) and 3 adult cats (Thumbelina, Lukas, Smoochie) at the event. Everyone behaved commendably and drew a lot of attention. Judy also brought 7 young kittens (6 of whom are from a black & white litter known as "the Brady Bunch"), who will be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks, to offer a preview to a few interested adopters.

Many wonderful adopters and potential adopters came to meet our cats and kittens, which resulted in the following adoptions:

* Rocky & Cream Puff - Adopted by a nice young couple from Villa Park. They wanted to buy some supplies and get things set up in their home, so they will be picking the kittens up from Marissa, their foster mom, tomorrow.

* Rutgers & Bobby - Adopted by a terrific couple from Kaneville, who were referred to us by Catherine Tojaga. Bobby is one of the Brady Bunch who was not ready for immediate adoption, so the two boys will be going home in about 2 weeks. They will have a 3 year old female cat as a companion.

* Thumbelina - Yeah! - Adopted by a wonderful lady who lost her cat about a year ago. Thumbelina will be this lady's only feline friend, which Thumbelina will be quite happy about. It seems like Ashley's tribute to senior cats on our web site worked!

* Bonnie & Belle - These highly sought after girls found a wonderful home with a couple from Chicago, who recently lost a senior calico girl. They braved the weather to drive out to Glen Ellyn, and were delighted with the little girls they took home with them.

* Ruffles - Adopted by a nice couple from Elmhurst who lost their cat last July. The woman came to the adoption event and was thrilled to take her new little girl home.

There were also several other lookers as well as specific interest in Smoochie, Muffin and Adeline & Atlas, whom I am following up with. All in all, a great day!

Many thanks to all of the folks that made this happen! Thanks to volunteers Debbie and Lauren for help with the set-up, clean-up and execution of the event. Thanks to the fosters for bringing their cats & kittens to the event, including Gillian, Debbie, Marissa, Veronica, Sandy, Diane, and Cheri. Special thanks to Marissa, Veronica, Diane and Sandy, for hanging out during all or a portion of the event to help talk with potential adopters. Thanks much to Judy for bringing the Brady Bunch to the event and helping with the adoption counseling and clean-up.

Many thanks to others who helped in other ways to make the event successful. Thanks to Mike for providing the binder updates, to Debbie for updating the poster board, to Lauren for providing blankets to adopters from "Critter Comforts", and to Connie and Ted for the advertising that clearly made the event known.

Let's hope for continued success as we work to find homes for the many cats and kittens rescued in 2015, before the 2016 kitten season begins! Our next adoption event will be at the Wheaton PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square on Saturday, 1/30, 11am-3pm. PetSmart National Adoption Weekend follows shortly thereafter on 2/13-14 (Happy Valentine's Day!). Hope you can join us for these events!

Wow - 8 more Adoptions! Great job everyone - and here's hoping that this is the start of our best Adoption Year ever!

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