This is a special appeal for one cat - formerly known as Easter, now named Banjo.

Banjo was adopted almost two years ago as a kitten and as far as we knew, everything was going well. No news is good news! We recently were contacted by his adopter that he was eliminating inappropriately and they wanted to return him to us. While we figured out where he could go for foster, recommendations of food change were made as we were told he had been fed Meow Mix this whole time - while Meow Mix has the basics, our experience has been that fed exclusively for long periods, vital nutrients are missing or not absorbable in the form used. Kittens need full nutrition in order for everything to grow correctly.

We were lucky enough that Banjo's original foster was willing to foster him once again! A vet check determined that he needed a dental as a resorptive lesion was found on a molar. Again, thru a stroke of luck, a friend of the foster wants to adopt Banjo! He went back to the vet for his dental as when we adopt cats out we do so having resolved any medical issues we can and disclosing any current medical issues.

At the vet, the luck ran out. Under anesthesia it was found that he had no less than 10 teeth with resorptive lesions - he must have been in so much pain! Feral Fixers strives to provide the best care for cats that we take responsibility for, so the go ahead was given. Not sure what the total will be, but judging from past events, the total bill will be at least $800 for this one cat.

There is debate about what causes resorptive dental lesions, poor diet during formative years sounds like a good bet for this one cat.

With his dental issues resolved and on his way to a new home that will make sure he has the best nutrition and care possible, things are really looking up for Banjo! Here's a picture from his foster, hanging out with their cat - seasonally appropriate!

We've had so many individual cats (both ferals and friendlies) who have received life-changing intervention from Feral Fixers this year, please make a donation in Banjo's name so that we can continue to help them one at a time - so that they can live the best life possible for them!

(Click on the photo thumbnail to see a larger picture - Banjo is the Black & White cat on the left)

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