How are funds used at Feral Fixers? Where they are needed most, for the care of ferals and strays that have no one else! Our current fundraiser, #Giving Tuesday does not end until December 22nd, but don't let that make you think Feral Fixers has plenty of time! Our goal for the #Giving Tuesday Black Cat Fundraiser is $5,000. We have raised just over $2,000 at this time so have a long distance to go!

We thought we'd give you a recap and update on our famous Timmy.

Recap and plea from his former foster:.

Who is cute, black and 3-legged? Timmy! Who didn't let 5 weeks of casts, a metal rod, splints and cages keep his spirit down? Timmy! Who made such an impact on the staff at Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital that one of the techs adopted him? Timmy!

We wanted to highlight this sweet kitten's journey through our rescue to give you a glimpse into one of the many stories that requires a significant portion of our donated resources.

Timmy came to us with a broken femur, just slightly below the hip joint. First we tried a full cast, next a surgically placed metal rod which he promptly removed himself, then a heavy splint, all the while trying to keep him as immobile as possible. (insert laughing here) Timmy HATED being still. After weeks of re-casting, x-raying and re-wrapping, an x-ray revealed that the bone was growing everywhere except where it should be. With reluctance we finally had to make the decision to amputate the leg. Once these babies are in our hands, we do everything we can to make sure they have the best life possible. We rely heavily on your generous donations to fund the medical care required for Timmy and many other kitties. Thank you for your continued support!

From Timmy's Adopter on September 3rd:

I wanted to give you an update on Timmy (now Percy)!

He has been with me for not even a full month yet and is doing wonderfully. He loves running around my apartment, cuddling me at night, climbing to the top of the cat tree, and (his personal favorite) waking me up for food at 5 am. I was shocked at how fast he and my other cat, Luna, adapted to each other. They chase each other around my apartment and sleep together in my bed at night. He has been a great addition and I'm so happy to have him!

As you can see, it our efforts were worthwhile to the foster, the adopter and to Timmy and donations from Feral Fixers donors make these stories possible. Please consider a donation today and help us achieve our $5,000 goal and keep making possibilities!

(Click on any picture thumbnail of Timmy (aka Percy) to see a full-size version.)

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