Feral Fixers made two more trips to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic this week. Feral Fixer president Tammy updates us on what happened:

On Monday, PAWS held a special clinic day for the TNR & rescue groups - no public, no dogs. Feral Fixers brought in 28 of the approximately 75 cats neutered that day. Charli and Debbie transported in the AM and Dedra & Debbie picked them up in the PM. There were 12 friendlies and 16 ferals, broken down into 7 males and a whopping 21 females.

On Thursday, 11/12, Feral Fixers made the usual weekly run with the same team, Charli & Debbie AM, Debbie & Dedra PM. This trip had 11 ferals and 19 friendlies. Of those, it was split evenly 15 females and 15 males, In addition, one female friendly was too small for surgery and one male feral had already been neutered, maintaining those even numbers.

We have only one more trip planned that will include ferals on the 19th, and with only one more trip planned in December at this time, we are definitely winding down.

Our current stats are: 56 for this week, 89 for the month of November, 1,064 for 2015 and 8,342 since we began trekking to PAWS in 2007.

Stay tuned!

Once again, thank you to the super-transport volunteers Charli, Debbie and Dedra for doing herculean work this week (and in weeks past)!

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