Over the past week, Feral Fixers has made 3 more trips to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic, in addition to the one previously reported on October 20th. Feral Fixers president Tammy fills us in with the trip details:

On 10/18 we needed to send some "overflow" to PAWS - 6 ferals, two males and 4 females. Debbie transported in the AM and Heather did pickup.

On Thursday, 10/22, we accomplished our high end goal of 25 cats - 4 friendlies and 21 ferals, of which 10 were males and 15 were females. We had the matriarch of a colony, she is reported to be 9 years old. PAWS did a blood panel on her so that we would have more information and sent additional blood samples home with her so that we could do more testing to be sure of her health. We should get the results soon. Padma had a low platelet count but that could be attributed to dehydration and other things. In the meantime, we're holding onto her until we know more. Debbie & Charli transported in the AM and Dedra & Debbie did the PM run to PAWS.

Friday, 10/23, in an effort to catch up on some friendlies, we sent 6 into PAWS. One was an 8 month old that had just been trapped the day before and was purring in the trap. Avery is going to be a wonderful pet for someone! Of the six, 4 were males and 2 were females. Debbie made the AM trip and Heather picked up in the PM.

Our trip of 10/20 has already been reported.

This week, with four trips to PAWS, bring us to: 37 cats for these three trips, 132 for the month of October, 944 year to date and 8,222 since we began neutering cats as Feral Fixers, eight years ago.

Thank you all for your help in this!

And thank you to our super-volunteers Debbie, Heather, Debbie (again), Charli, Dedra, Debbie (still again), Debbie (yet again) and Heather (again) for providing transport!!!

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