Feral Fixers brought in 37 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic this past week to be fixed. Feral Fixers president Tammy gives us the trip details:

Feral Fixers made two trips to PAWS this past week. Its not always possible to control when the best time is to trap cats, luckily PAWS gave us ten slots for Tuesday!

On Tuesday we sent 10 cats, 5 ferals and 5 friendlies. One of our friendlies was a bit too upset about the exam process and now is on rabies hold at the clinic and will have her surgery on the 15th. Charli transported in the AM, Debbie in the PM, resulting in one male and EIGHT females in one trip.

On Thursday we sent in 27 cats, 2 ferals and 25 friendlies. One friendly developed URI symptoms and did not have her surgery. Charli & Debbie did the AM run and Dedra & Debbie did pickup of 12 females (minus 1) and 15 males.

Cats are continuing to decide to be friendly. What is going on out there? Are we the Ark and the floods are coming? If so, we need a lot more higher ground, sooner!

This brings our week total to 35, our month total to 55, we've spayed/neutered 867 so far this year and 8,145 since we began.

More next week!

Thank you to super volunteers Charli, Debbie, Charli (again), Debbie (again), Dedra and Debbie (yet again) for all your transport help!

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