Last Saturday, Feral Fixers held another Adoption Event, this at the Two Bostons store in Naperville. Feral Fixers Board member and Adoption coordinator Sue fills us in on what happened that day:

I hope all of the volunteers and kitty participants have thawed out by now! It certainly was a cold and windy day. I'm sure that was obvious from the coats, hoods and scarves folks were wearing on the photographs!

The wind was relentless and wrecked havoc on a number of the organizations' tents. Fortunately ours prevailed :-) This was a day when our buckets of bricks came in very handy! In addition to weighting down the feet with bricks, we tied the tent down to the buckets. This idea and the rope and knots to make it happen came from our new volunteer family, the Kapala's (Kevin, Laura, Alex & Erin), who came with substantial boy & girl scout expertise. Their help was invaluable today - thanks much!

The kitties were bundled up as well to protect them from the cold. All 4 cages were in my van and covered with blankets. We had 6 kitties in attendance today, 3 boys & 3 girls - Storm, Addison, Trey, Garnet, Francesca and Hilda. They all took the event in stride. Francesca was her usual energetic self when the event began, but later snuggled up with Hilda to keep warm. Storm met some new human friends and Addison stayed close at his side. Garnet loved to meet the people, but was not excited when a dog from Naperville Area Humane Society came by for a visit. Trey hung in their and showed off his handsome markings, although we all knew this wasn't his favorite way to spend a Saturday ;-)

There were quite a number of rescues and organizations that participated in the event - I believe on the order of 15-20. The layout was nice with 2 aisles for folks to walk and vendors on either side. Most of the rescues had dogs in attendance. Feral Fixers, St. Sophie's and Naperville Area Humane Society had cats/kittens. There actually were a surprising number of guests given the weather. I took information from 4 families and am following up. There is a family interested in Francesca. The other 3 were deciding between a few kitties, including Storm, Addison and Trey as well as some in our book. Hopefully these will result in some adoptions.

Many, many thanks to the volunteers who braved the weather and assisted with this event, including Debbie, Lauren, Bethany, Monica, and the Kapala family! Thanks also to Stephanie for bringing little Trey.

This is our last outdoor event of the season :-) Upcoming events include Friday, 10/16, 4-7pm at Natural Pet Market in honor of Feral Cat Day and our next PetSmart adoption event on Saturday, 10/24, 11am-3pm.

Thanks Sue and thank you to all the Fosters and Volunteers who helped make this day happen!

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