Feral Fixers started out October by sending in another load of cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed. Feral Fixers president Tammy details the trip:

Feral Fixers sent 21 more cats into PAWS today.

11 ferals and 10 friendlies, 14 females and 7 males - one of which was already neutered.

With this trip we are fast approaching 70 cats and kittens from that one location on Rt. 83. We learned today that one female had given birth there just yesterday - we don't know how many kittens she had yet but it adds to the total!

There was much media uproar about the hoarder situation in Chicago recently - one house and just over 100 cats there. We never thought we would come close in one spot! Keep your fingers crossed we don't get to that number! In the meantime, all the usual calls are still coming in and people do not understand why it would take longer for us to get to them. Sigh.

Please come to our booth at 2 Bostons this weekend - look at our adoptables, in person and in our book, make a donation, buy a t-shirt or any of our other logo merchandise! Pick up some of our information and business cards and share our stories with your friends and families! Help us find fosters and volunteers and more adopters!

Today, a kitten was trapped at the National University of Health in Lombard - a single lonely, hungry kitten. Another 6 kittens were trapped at a location in Hanover Park. They just keep pouring in!!!

Our stalwart transport volunteers made the trip to PAWS today - Charli & Debbie in the AM and Debbie & Dedra did pick up in the PM.

This brings us to 21 - 1 = 20 for this trip and for the month, 832 for the year and 8,110 since we began 8 years ago.

Thank you to super-volunteers Charli and Debbie and Debbie (again) and Dedra for doing transport.

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