Feral Fixers held another Adoption Event yesterday, Saturday, and Feral Fixers Board member and Adoption Coordinator Sue gives us the details:

What a day - let's all celebrate! We had the most successful adoption event to date. 7 kittens joined their new families today :-)

Tracy was adopted by Traci and her husband from Oswego, who had contacted me earlier in the week. She will have two 1 yr old kitty brothers to play with.

Snickers and Mittens were adopted by a family in Bolingbrook. The family had met them earlier in the week and took a few days to make the necessary preparations at their home. They have a dog, but are first time kitty parents.

Freya was adopted by a couple from Lisle, who met her at the event and fell in love. They had previously adopted a 2 yr old kitty from ARF and are hoping that Freya will be a companion to her.

Samurai and Disney were adopted by a family from Glen Ellyn, who had also contacted me earlier in the week. These are their first kittens and everyone was very excited. Samurai and Disney will get plenty of love and attention.

Choco was adopted by young woman who lives in Chicago and was in the suburbs visiting her parents for the weekend. Choco will be a solo companion of this young woman, which will suit her just fine.

A wonderful day :-)

Thanks to all of the cat & kitten participants. We had 4 adults (Foxy Lady, Smoocher, Zeke & Zeva) and 18 kittens (Freya, Fancesca, Hilda, Samurai, Silhouette, Seneca, Trey, Disney, Tracy, Berlin, Campbell, Cancun, Choco, Penelope, Pippi, Butterscotch, Lolly, Willis) in attendance. Everyone was very sweet and well-behaved.

Many thanks to all of the human volunteers who made the day a success! I needed lots of help to work all of these adoptions! Thanks to Toni, Laurel, Lauren, Sara and Debbie for all of the help with the set-up, adopter interaction, paperwork, photography and clean-up. Thanks to Joanna, Natalie, Soni and Julie & Vey for bringing their fosters and staying through the event to work with potential adopters. Thanks also to Bethany, Stephanie, Cheri and Michelle for bringing their fosters to the event. Special thanks to Judy for helping out in many ways, including vaccinating several of the kittens.

Thanks to Mike for updating the binder, and to Connie and Ted for advertising the event.

A wonderful day indeed! Thank you Sue and thank you to all the fosters and volunteers for making it happen!

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