Starting a busy weekend, Feral Fixers hosted a booth at the annual Westmont Pet Promenade event. Feral Fixers Board member and Adoption coordinator Sue gives us the details:

It was a beautiful, sunny day today for the Westmont Pet Promenade. The temperature was a bit cool, but the sun kept everyone warm and smiling!

The event was a bit smaller than in prior years with all activity occurring in the SE parking lot of Ty Warner park. There were 15-20 animal-related vendor or rescue booths together with food vendors and a center stage. The main show on the center stage was hosted by an entertainer/educator specializing in reptiles. He had several snakes and a giant crocodile. He selected audience members to come up and hold the snakes. Some were happy to do so, others not so much ;-) This show was followed by the dog promenade and judging. Best in show was awarded to a golden lab who does rescue work. There were also other unusual pets roaming the grounds including a giant tortoise and a beautiful blue parrot named Elvis.

Many folks stopped by our booth to view our book of adoptable cats & kittens. We got one lead on a possible foster home. Several folks stopped by to learn more about TNR in their neighborhood. For those folks in DuPage county, we provided our information, and for those in other counties, we provided contact information for their local TNR group. It was a good day :-)

Many thanks to Laurel for helping me staff the booth today! Special thanks to her boyfriend, Mike, for stopping by in the morning to help us set up. Thanks also to Mary Rosa for coming by, spending the day with us and helping us clean up. We all had a great time!

Tomorrow, Sunday, 9/13, 11am-3pm we will be participating in PetSmart's National Adoption Weekend at the Rice Lake Square PetSmart. We will likely have 25-30 adoptable cats & kittens at the event. Please be sure to stop by!

Thank you Sue and thank you to all the Feral Fixers volunteers who helped out with this event!

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