On Thursday, Feral Fixers brought in 21 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed. Tammy gives us the details:

On Wednesday, we got a call from someone about a cat and needing help. Their second call, that afternoon included the information that the cat was injured. Judy contacted and went over there with a drop trap. She was unsuccessful before she had to leave to help get the cats ready for the trip into PAWS on Thursday but left the equipment for the caretaker to keep trying.. At 10 PM, Papa RA was trapped and the caretaker brought him to Judy. We let PAWS know that he had an injury on his hind leg, there wasn't much more we could tell them. At 2:45 in the afternoon, PAWS called to let us know that the bone was sticking out of the leg on the inside. Wanted our decision. Offered an amputation if we wanted. Just from seeing the cat once, although in pain, he seemed very intelligent and aware, so we authorized the amputation as he was at least a 50 - 50 chance of turning completely friendly. The vets at PAWS have skills far beyond doing a hundred amazing spay/neuters every day and its clearly shown by the appearance of the surgery! We are so lucky that they had the time to do this for him! Papa RA ate a bit of food Thursday night and today, Friday, we have to figure out just how tolerant of interaction he is going to be in order to get pain medication into him. It will require moving some cats around to make room for him for his recovery but we will hope for the best!

Charli did transport in the AM, Dedra did pickup in the PM.

We sent 21 cats, 3 ferals and 18 friendlies of which 9 were females, 12 were males. This brings us to 21 for today, 43 for the month, 751 for the year and 8,029 since we began.

Thank you Charli! Thank you Dedra!

(Click on the thumbnail of Papa Ra to see a full-size picture)

Postscript: Went to feed in the AM, within 5 minutes Papa RA was purring and making happy paws as I petted his head. He got moved to the basement where he is taking his pain meds and eating like crazy and behaving like the Egyptian god he is named after! Definitely a smart kitty!

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