Yesterday (Monday), the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic held a special Spay/Neuter day for Feral cats. Feral Fixers President Tammy lets us know what happened:

On Monday, PAWS held an extra spay/neuter day for the different groups they assist.

We had hoped to bring in some significant numbers but the rain on Saturday and then the heat on Sunday caused the ferals to be disinclined to enter traps! Still, we are very glad for the ones that we were able to send in!

13 cats, 4 friendlies & 9 ferals.

5 males and 8 females

Charli did the AM run - we were the first group there!

Debbie did the PM pickup - Initially pickup was at 2PM (first in, first out) - but there was a power outage, delaying the process but still the cats were back by 4PM!!!! Debbie was very glad!

This brings us to 13 for Monday, 80 for the month, 649 for the year and 7,927 since we began.

Thank you PAWS!

And thanks to two of our super-volunteers, Charli & Debbie!

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