This past Saturday, Feral Fixers held another Adoption Event at the PetSmart in Rice Lake Square in Wheaton. Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption guru Sue gives us the details:

It was a scorcher today for our adoption event. Fortunately, the air conditioning at PetSmart kept us cool. A major thunderstorm rolled over the area right as the event was ending. It was short lived, however. So all of the kitties and their foster parents made it to/from the event in dryness.

Upon our arrival, the PetSmart team had everything ready for us. We featured 20 cats/kittens at the event (10 young kittens & 10 older kittens & adults).

The young kittens included:

  • Harley (9 mo, but young kitten at heart) and the 3 younger (3-4 mo) boys with whom he shares a foster home (Sean, Mojo, Felipe).
  • Adorable litter of 4 (3 mo) playful brown tabbies with white - 3 boys (Max, Morgan, Martin) and a girl (Megan).
  • Cafferty - handsome 5 mo gray tabby boy.
  • Addison - Shy but very sweet 4 mo brown tabby with white boy. He huddled close to his foster-mate Storm.

The teenagers and adults included:

  • Jackie - Beautiful & sweet 10 mo white girl with black markings & very interesting thoughtful eyes.
  • Chloe - Gorgeous 5 yr old girl with torti coloring on her head, back & tail and a pure white chin & belly.
  • Winthrop - Active & playful 10 mo brown tabby with white boy with a cute stub tail.
  • Calypso - Gorgeous & sweet 1 yr gray tabby girl with beautiful swirl patterns on her sides.
  • Honey - Sweet & cuddly one-eyed gray tabby Honey, who is ~8 mo old. She loves people attention, but not other cats or dogs.
  • Castle - Super handsome 2 yr black long fur lover boy.
  • Storm - Sleek & friendly 1 yr old black boy who helps greet the people for his buddy Addison.
  • Nala - Beautiful 1 yr orange tabby girl with a loving personality.
  • Zeke & Zeva - Oh so sweet 4 yr old brother/sister pair. Zeke is a big brown tabby with white boy, weighing in at 21 lbs. Zeva is a long & lean Maine Coon mix with luxurious long fur. This was their second adoption event, and they had definitely made progress being more comfortable.

The event started out with a success as Nala and Sean had the privilege of going from the event to their forever home with a wonderful pre-approved couple from Chicago :-) Sean was the gal's favorite and Nala was the guy's favorite. We think they will make a wonderful pair!

Things slowed a bit after that. We had several other lookers and one applicant. Perhaps the weather kept some people away.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers and foster parents who helped make the event a success! Thanks to Bernie, Toni, Lauren, Joanna and our newest volunteer (Sara) for their help with the set-up, clean-up and greeting guests during the event. Thanks to Judy, Debbie, Bethany, Cheri, Monica, Haley, Julie & Vey for bringing their fosters to the event and staying as time allowed.

Thanks to Mike for updating our cat/kitten binder, even though he is in the midst of moving to CA. Thanks to Bernie and Cathi for their great photography. Thanks to Judy & Tammy for their support in getting a last minute microchip inserted at Glen Ellyn.

Thanks Sue!

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