Feral Fixers participated in a new event, the 2015 Festival of Kittens. Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption Coordinator Sue gives us the details:

Feral Fixers had the opportunity to participate in the 2015 Festival of Kittens held at ADOPT Pet Shelter in Naperville on Friday, 6/26. The event was well planned out and included educational presentations, interaction time for the kids with ADOPT's adoptable kittens, a raffle drawing, & yummy refreshments. The evening culminated with the GREAT KITTEN RACE!

ADOPT invited representatives from several partner organizations to participate in the event, including Anna Payton from the Naperville Humane Society, Norma Gobert from Paws and Purrs of Aurora/Montgomery, and Tammy McAuley/Sue Lee from Feral Fixers.

Presentations were provided on a number of cat/kitten related topics, including:

  • Welcome & Introductions by Chris Stirn, executive director at ADOPT
  • Preventing & Dealing with Problem Cat Behaviors by Leanne, animal behavior specialist, from ADOPT
  • What to do when your find a Stray Cat or Kittens by Sue Lee & Tammy McAuley from Feral Fixers
  • Volunteer Opportunities at ADOPT by Jill, volunteer coordinator at ADOPT

While attendance was a bit lighter than folks may have hoped (likely due to the poor weather & road construction), everyone in attendance participated in the activities, had a great time, and made good cross-organizational connections. Many thanks to Debbie Mostowski & Lauren Byrd from Feral Fixers for coming and showing their support!

We thank ADOPT (particularly Chris Stirn and Lori Dicke) for the opportunity to participate in this event and the continuing partnership in taking in Feral Fixers' cats & kittens and finding them good homes. We are at 65+ cats & kittens having been transferred from Feral Fixers to ADOPT in 2015 and counting!

Thanks Sue!

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