Feral Fixers brought in three more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic to be fixed this past Sunday. All of them were ferals and all of them were females. Normally we don't bring cats in on Sunday - we try to keep our trips to Thursday's only and PAWS is very busy with other customers on Sunday. However, "stuff happens" as they say - and Feral Fixers President Tammy gives us the details:

Charli transported in AM and Jennifer Wyrick did pickup.

It started with someone who was trying to trap raccoons. Now a neighbor who we've worked with will try to make sure he only tries to trap raccoons on Wednesdays. Best we can do.

Then, there's a location that we had to take whatever opportunity we had to get the females.

That's how we end up with cats when we would really rather not but we are not letting them go for any reason!

Thanks Charli! Thanks Jennifer!

With these three cats, this brings our June total up to 58, our yearly total up to 367 and our overall total up to 7,645.

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