Yesterday, May 30th, Feral Fixers held another Adoption Event at the PetSmart located in Wheaton's Rice Lake Square shopping center. Feral Fixers Board member and Adoption guru Sue gives us the details on the day:

Although the weather turned cold and rainy, it was a happy and productive adoption event at PetSmart today. We had 9 feline guests in attendance - Willa, Storm, Harley, Chippi, Ella, Tipper, Wella, Mewish, and a big & beautiful orange tabby female whose names escapes me (she is Cheri's neighbor's foster), and 2 that participated virtually (Zeke & Zeba) via a photograph that their foster parents brought in.

Everyone tolerated the commotion very well, some enjoying the attention more than others. Willa was the star of the show, engaging everyone that came up to give her some attention. There were 3 potential adopters interested in her, 2 of whom completed applications. I am working the screening. We hope one will become her forever home.

Ella found her forever home at the event, to a wonderful couple from Schaumburg, who had been pre-approved. Ella seemed very content in her new mom's arms. She will share her new home with a laid back 2 yr old female.

A nice couple from Naperville stopped by that was interested in Hertz. They emailed me their application after the event, and we are on the way to making a connection with Monica for a visit. Near the end of the event, a lady and her grandchildren stopped by and were interested in Harley or Willa. I am following up. A lady did stop by to meet Wella. Wella was very good, even with being held. But unfortunately the lady was looking for a hypo-allergenic cat that did not shed!!! so we couldn't find a match. We also handed out several adoption flyers as well as cards to folks needing TNR help. All in all - a very good day :-)

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters that made the day a success - Toni, Monica, Lauren, Arlene, Joanna, Cheri, Jeff & Michelle and Julie & Vey. Thanks to Monica for taking photographs. Thanks to Mike for updating the binder. Thanks to Tammy for stopping to drop off some things and show her support.

Thanks Sue and thank you to all of the Volunteers & Fosters who came by to help!

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