As part of PetSmart's National Adoption Weekend, Feral Fixers held another in its series of Adoption Events at the PetSmart located in Rice Lake Square in Wheaton. Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption guru Sue gives us the details:

While the 5/17 Adoption Event at Rice Lake Square PetSmart brought in several lookers, and we handed out a number of flyers to folks planning to adopter later, we did not have any actual adoptions at the event. There was a very nice couple interested in fostering to adopt Tommy & Susie. I am following up with them and it looks like it may be a go :-)

5/17 was part of PetSmart's National Adoption Weekend. It was a quiet event at the Rice Lake Square store, however. There were no special activities planned on 5/17. Apparently they were busy and short-handed that morning, such that when we arrived at the store to set-up, they had not even moved away the display cases in the center aisle or brought out the tables or crates yet. We ended up doing much of the work ourselves. Many thanks to Karen, Arlene, Debbie, Joanna and Cathi for their help with the set-up. We couldn't have done it without you!

There were 13 feline stars at this event - Lucas, Tipper, Ella, Wella, Wendee, Harley, Tyson, Jackie, Crackers, Castle, Tommy, Susie, and Tigger. All were well behaved and handled the stares, comments and petting very well. The event was a bit overwhelming for Tyson, and he spent much of the afternoon hiding under his blanket. Wella, on the other hand, found the outing very exciting and decided she wanted to jump out of her crate and explore the store! Fortunately, Cathi was quick to get a hand on her and pull her out from under the display stands before she had too much of a store tour. Wendee was initially very delighted by all of the attention, but she was a bit put off once she realized that she was sharing the attention with a number of other cats. ;-)

Many thanks to the fosters that brought their cats to the event - Debbie, Cheri, Joanna, Karen, Judy P and Judy W. Many thanks to Cathi for handling the photography, and to Mike for the updates to the book. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped with the event - Karen, Arlene, Debbie, Joanna, and Lauren, as well as to Judy and Tammy, for stopping by with your support.

Thank you Sue!

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