This past Saturday, Feral Fixers held another Adoption Event at the PetSmart in Rice Lake Square in Wheaton. Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption guru, Sue, gives us the details...

Although it was a bit chilly, it was a beautiful sunny day for our adoption event. We had 19 kittens and cats in attendance, including several of our very handsome and beautiful adults. With the possible exception of Reymond (who demonstrated that he is a very active & playful little boy) ;-), everyone was very well behaved. Some kitties were at the front of their cage, anxious to meet their new future parents :-) Others hung in the back of their cages, wondering what this was all about ;-) I definitely enjoyed meeting and interacting with all of the cats & kittens.

Unfortunately, it was a rather slow day in the way of potential adopters. No adoptions occurred during the event. We did talk with several folks who are in the early stages of their cat/kitten search, and have a lead on a potential adopter for Springy. So I am hoping to hear back from these folks.

It was a good day, however, for the fosters and volunteers to interact. Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters that helped to make the event a success, including Bernie, Arlene, Lauren, Michelle (Mirielle), Debbie (Rusty), Kim (Biju, Enrico, Victor), Cheri (Angel, Tinker, Tasha, Lucas), Barb (Reymond), Monica (Springy), Bethany (Radar, Kit-Kat), Joanna (Rudy), and Judy (Jackie, Shadow, Happy, Mewish, Truman). Many thanks to Mike for updating our binder. And special thanks to Judy and Tammy for supporting us at this event.

Due to the upcoming events and conflicts in April (including Shop for Strays on 4/19), we will not be having any adoption events at PetSmart in April. I will look for another location for an event on either 4/11 or 4/25.

Thanks again to all and Happy Easter!


Thanks Sue!

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