Feral Fixers held its most recent Adoption Event at the PetSmart located in Rice Lake Square in Wheaton. Feral Fixers Board Member and Adoption guru gives us the details:

Despite the cold weather, we had many warm and cuddly kittens as well as warm-hearted volunteers, fosters and visitors at the PetSmart adoption event on Sunday, 2/15 at the Rice Lake Square PetSmart in Wheaton. It was a PetSmart National Adoption weekend. We had front and center of the store with our kittens, and ARF had puppies near the back of the store.

We had 10 kittens at the event including Gerber, Reymond, Duggie & Dunbar, Fuzzball, Samwise, Stormy, Tillman, Cedar and Pringle. Pringle drew a lot of attention, including a woman that drove all of the way from Milwaukee to meet him! She fell in love with him, but has a young male kitten at home that needs to be neutered before the adoption will proceed.

We did have one same day adoption of Fuzzball to a very nice family from Joliet. They were very excited to add a kitty family member as their prior cat had passed late last year. They are also very interested in adopting Gerber, if his foster family can part with him.

Other than that, we had a steady stream of on-lookers, a few folks that provided their names for follow-up, and others that just stopped by to chat. All in all, it was a good day.

Many thanks to the volunteers that helped with the event, including Toni, Joanna, Debbie, and Gabriella! Also, many thanks to the fosters who brought their kittens to the event, several of whom stayed to help, including Joanna, Bethany, Sheri, Susan P, Ron & Barb and Susan & Marino P! Joanna and Ron & Barb also provided photography for the activity to enable Connie to keep our Facebook page updated.

Special thanks to Laura, from Recycled 2 New, for her generous donation of scratchers for the foster families. Special thanks to PetSmart for their generous donations of a large volume of canned food, which will be put to good use by the foster families as well as our feral colony caregivers.

Our next PetSmart adoption event will be in March - likely Saturday, 3/7. Please stay tuned for details.

Thanks Sue!

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