There is a new product on the market, one most decidedly NOT RECOMMENDED by Feral Fixers (or, I'm sure, any other responsible Animal Welfare or related organization).

This product allows Feral cats to be "stored" and transported in bags - really...

From Feral Fixers President Tammy;

"ACES (Animal Care Equipment Services) has announced a new product to ease space and increase usage of traps in TNR. Called the "Bag 'N Go", it is a bag that fits over the end of a transfer trap, you off-load the cat into the bag so you can re-use traps and transfers.

How inhumane and insensitive to an animal's needs could these people be? I do wish I could order an extra, extra large one for each of the developers of this and pop them in and toss them in the back of my vehicle while I go out to trap another.

Please contact this company and tell them to stop production of this or AT THE VERY LEAST, remove any advice to use it during TNR."

This product is so bad that I keep hoping this is a hoax (like the "Bonsai Kitty" or the "Free Forever Dog Island", but sadly it seems to be real.

PAWS, the spay/neuter clinic that Feral Fixers uses for the great majority of its cats, has already announced that it will not accept any animals brought in a "Bag 'N Go" and I'm sure other organizations will follow suit very soon.

Say NO to Bag 'N Go...

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