The Paw Project is an effort to end the declawing of house cats and big cats (I knew about house cats being declawed but had no idea that this barbaric practice was also performed on the big cats).

Our friends at CatVando have been asked to get 55 people to attend the Chicago screening of The Paw Project, to be held on October 30th, and they have reached out to several cat-friendly groups, including Feral Fixers, to publicize this event.

A Press Release for the event can be accessed here.

You can also view information about the event, a trailer from the documentary and be able to sign up for it here.

And, if you're wondering why a feral cat group should support anti-declawing, our President Tammy McAuley has this to say:

Shelters are filled with declawed cats, there because of resulting behavior problems, and they take the space of cats that would like to come in from the outside, kittens that we could pull from the outside. Besides it being cruel and inhumane and simply accommodating a society that sees nothing wrong in changing a basic component of a cat's nature to fit their own desires and convenience.

This is a wonderful project and deserves our support. Please note that you must sign up by next Wednesday, October 23rd.

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