That is the how I begin e-mails and phone calls to local shelters every Monday in hopes that they have had sufficient adoptions over the weekend to enable them to take in just a few of the many friendlies that we have on hand. Our Want to Adopt? webpage has dozens and dozens, our adoption coordinator spends about five hours a day responding to inquiries and following up on potential adopters. Maintaining our fosters takes at least a five hours a day if not more. Too many people are demanding that cats be relocated as they will not care for them any longer.

This is preventing us from trapping and ultimately preventing this overabundance of cats.

We need more volunteers to help with adoptions, to assist our fosters, to foster, to relocate, to trap.

We have been working so hard that unfortunately, we are now facing what is called Compassion Fatigue in the rescue community. It is a very real thing and more often than not, results in individuals just walking away from what has become too big to deal with. Until you have been thru it, it's very hard to understand and I have made every effort to get enough help to prevent this, but we are at a crossroads. Many of our volunteers have had life changes and are unable to continue, we need people to fill their shoes and beyond!

It is painful to return cats that could be happy in a home, worse yet to hold onto cats in limbo until those homes can be found.

Please help us so that we can continue to make the same progress that we have become known for!

Come Celebrate With Us

Please join us on October 13th and help us celebrate how far we have come in just six short years! Great food and the best cat people in the area – what more could you ask for? Sign up on our website or send in those invite responses as soon as possible so we can reserve your spot!

September was Hoppin’

We were at four different event locations in September, in four different directions. We were at: the Villa Park Paws on the Path event, the Westmont Pet Promenade at Ty Warner Park in Westmont, the DuPage County Fall Festival in Wheaton and wrapped up the month with the West Suburban Humane Society Barkapalooza in Lisle. When we first started appearing at these events, people were suspicious and walked by, averting their eyes. Now, people walk right up, thank us for what we do, share stories of how we have helped them, their neighbors, their community. Its great to be reminded what a difference we are making!

Haven’t Heard From Us?

When people contact an organization, they often expect the phone to be answered or a call back within minutes or at the most, hours. In a volunteer organization, that may not be possible due to the volume of calls, cats, just plain work that is already on our hands. For instance, I started to write this letter back in August and so many things got in the way! We know we need to contact you, communicate with you, please be patient but call us again – that may be the window of time when we CAN answer the phone :)!

Again, thank you all so much! We could not do this without YOU!

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