Tammy sends this update to yesterday's "normal" activities, bringing cats to PAWS to be spayed/neutered...

We started off the day by sending 17 friendlies and 16 ferals into PAWS for s/n. That should have been enough, right? We got a call from a company that had found 5 kittens in their loading dock. Of course they put them in a box and left them out on the dock. The mom took off. Experienced as we are, we knew that she had most likely headed out for a new location for them, since the humans had violated this space. Just in case she came back, we didn't want her to grab any out of the box and then abandon the remainder. So we asked the company to bring the kittens inside until we had someone available to get back to them. As backup we contacted a local shelter to see if one of their bottle baby fosters was available, they left messages for her. Next call was from a vet's office, the company had brought them the kittens instead of waiting. And we are the people that get the call. We asked that they start bottle feeding the kittens as they seemed dehydrated. They then called the same shelter, who called to let us know. We were in the middle of fighting all the regular fires that happen every day, so it was after 6 before we contacted the vet again - the bottle baby foster had just left with the five.

After we had all the cats back from PAWS, ferals settled in and friendlies handed back to fosters, it was already dark. Judy was finally able to go over to the company for the mom. There she was, laying at the loading dock, where she had left her kittens. Judy didn't need the drop trap to get her, only used the transfer trap that she brought with her because she had no carrier. The mom is friendly, most likely a victim of the economy, people who didn't have the energy or skills to get her spayed before they probably dumped her in this industrial park, thinking someone would take in such a wonderful cat. She ate two bowls of food, mixed with lots of water and tomorrow will be rejoining her kittens and can look forward to a much brighter future.

These cats brought together so many people, they really must be truly special.

Thank you Tammy...

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