In my previous post, I mentioned that 19 of the cats that were brought to PAWS last Thursday were ferals. Tammy has this update on them:

In a perfect world, at least 6 of the 19 ferals that went into PAWS today would be coming back and going into foster. There are no fosters for these cats, so they have to go back to their colonies and hope that sometime down the line, they will be able to come inside. They are head butting, turning over in their traps, 2 are purring, yet there is no one available that will take a cat older than a kitten into their homes to learn just what its all about.

Several of these came from a colony that we pulled 9 kittens from at once, so we've already reduced its size, but... It is absolutely no fun being the person making these decisions.

Providing a Foster home can be very rewarding. If you think you can be a Foster, give us a call at (630) 881-3977.

Thank you!

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