Feral Fixers brought in 24 more cats to the PAWS-Chicago Spay/Neuter clinic today to be fixed. 21 of of these cats were ferals while the other three were friendly ferals.

Super-volunteer Charli helped me pick up the cats from Tammy's this morning and bring them to PAWS (Thanks Charli!) while super-volunteer Jodie helped me pick up the cats from PAWS this afternoon and bring them back to Tammy's for recovery (Thanks Jodie!). And, as always, super-volunteer Judy was at Tammy's in the morning, helping to get the cats ready for transport and helping us to load our cars (Thanks Judy!)

Feral cats are never happy to be in the trap, but most of the time they are scared or, sometimes, resigned. Occasionally, however, you get one who is just hostile, hostile, hostile. We had one today - a big gray and white cat. Any time you put your hand near the trap, he would attempt to strike at you. I was certainly very careful to keep my fingers well out of harms way. However, during surgery, they found that this cat had an abscess on his tail - and this may have been causing some of his ill-temper. The PAWS people, as they normally do, treated & cleaned the abscess and then gave the poor guy a shot of Convenia. Hopefully, he'll have a better outlook on life now :)

With these 24 cats, Feral Fixers has now processed 102 cats for the month of March, 157 for the year and 4,893 overall. Our 5,000th cat is not very far away...

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