Last Feb 26th, the HSUS held its annual World Spay Day Event. This was part of a series of events held by HSUS that we have been advertising at the top of our website for the past few weeks. (Have you voted for Donaghy yet? You only have until this Friday, March 15th, to do so!)

All organizations that participated in the actual Spay Day were asked to submit a report and photos and you can access the Feral Fixers webpage at the World Spay Day Event here.

In addition to her report, our President, Tammy McAuley comments: "If you go to other events, the pictures are great! That they have to notch the ears of the dogs to show that they've been neutered in some countries is just mind-boggling."

Check out our webpage and peruse through some of the other events - you'll see lots of wonderful activity centered around World Spay Day.

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