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Calendar of Current & Upcoming Feral Fixers Events

TAKING A BREAK - We have the 10K1K10Yr event on 10/15/17 and Wine & Whiskers on 10/24/17. There will be no cats processed between 10/8 & 10/29. Anyone traps them, they need to make their own arrangements for housing and transporting. No friendlies or ferals. No housing cats at Tammy's house.

May not be the most opportune time to take a break but there never is an opportune time. That is why we are cranking them out for the next four weeks.

October 24, 2017 - Wine & Whiskers! - And come and join us for an evening of Wine, Cheese, Crackers and good cheer at the Lyfred Winery - a family owned business! Attendees will receive a sample of 3 wines along with a Cheese Tray and assorted breads. The event will be held on October 24th from 6:00-8:30pm at the Lynfred Winery located at 15 South Roselle Rd in Roselle. Tickets are $50 and must be purchased by October 15th. REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT IS CLOSED.

October, 2017 - Lynfred Winery - Feral Fixers named "Charity of the Month for October 2017 at Lynfred Winery's Roselle and Wheeling locations. Lynfred is a non-tipping facility, however customers often wish to leave tips in appreciation of the friendly service they receive. Building on the tradition of community involvement and advocacy established by Lynfred founder, Fred Koehler, the winery has decided to donate their tips to a different local charity each month." (More details to follow)

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