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The Feral Blog
Written by Sue Lee   
Wednesday, August 15, 2018

On August 18, Feral Fixers will be participating in the DuPage County Animal Shelter's (DCAS) Clear the Shelter Event at the DCAS Shelter (located at 120 N. County Farm Rd in Wheaton) from 11am-4pm. This event is part of the national "Clear the Shelters" day. NBC will be covering the event at the DCAS grounds.

We will be showing our kittens in their new mobile veterinary van, where some of our kittens have received their surgery. They have 8 medium size cages in the van that can be viewed from both inside and outside the van (there are windows on the outside). We will show our kittens in these cages. There is a canopy outside the van under which we will set up our tables. The premise of "Clear the Shelters" day is to find homes for harder to adopt animals. Adoption fees will be waived on all cats and dogs ages 6 months and older. DCAS has invited a dog and a rabbit rescue to participate as adoption partners in addition to Feral Fixers. Since we do not have any kittens over 6 months or adult cats who will do well at an adoption event, we will feature our younger kittens and there will be no change to our standard adoption fees ($90/kitten or $150/pair). DCAS will also have young kittens available for adoption at these same fees. DCAS estimated about 200 attendees based on last year's turn-out.

If you want to Volunteer, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Our ground rules for this 8/18 event are - No same day adoptions. All adopters who take home kittens that day must be pre-approved. Anyone who meets a kitten at the event that they would like to adopt must submit a completed application, which you can fill out here and pickup will be scheduled from the foster home if the application is approved. You can see a brochure of some of the kittens we will have available here.

General kitten viewing will be from the outside of the van. Only pre-approved adopters and folks submitting completed applications will be allowed in the van to interact with the kittens. You can download an event flyer here. We hope to see you there!

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The Feral Blog
Written by Sue Lee   
Wednesday, August 01, 2018

The environment was bright, friendly and inviting for our first adoption event at Bentley's Pet Stuff in Elmhurst on Saturday, 7/28. Everyone at the store was so welcoming and accommodating. We appreciated the opportunity to have an event there.

23 adorable, cuddly and playful kittens were the stars of our show (Ferry, Tanker, Trawler, Sail, Schooner, Fawler, Fable, Farah, Fargo, Onion, York, Gazette, Tucker, Allison, Duke, Bam Bam, Barney, Mollie, Moe, Morty, Mango, Hobby, Jay). Everyone did very well meeting and greeting our guests.

Two pre-approved adopters came to the event, which resulted in 3 adoptions. Another former adopter stopped by to meet the kittens, which led to a subsequent adoption. One of our foster families also decided to keep one of their fosters, resulting in a 4th adoption. There were also a few other folks who stopped by to meet and interact with our kittens.

  • Bam Bam and Barney were the choice of a terrific cat-loving couple from Chicago. They have since sent us photos to show how well the boys are acclimating to their home. The kittens will have 2 adult cat companions as well.
  • Fable won the heart of our other pre-approved adopter. She had initially came in to see Bam Bam, but she very graciously redirected her interest when she learned that Bam Bam and Barney (a bonded pair) had an adopter who wanted them both. Fable will have a fabulous home, as his adopter and her husband are huge cat lovers from Oswego who previously adopted Belinda in 2017 and Tracy in 2015. So Fable will have lots of playmates.
  • Gazette's gorgeous appearance drew another former adopter from Lisle to come to the event and meet her. When they met her, Gazette's sweet personality won them over. They clearly have a soft spot for torties, as they adopted Grayly, another tortie girl, in 2016. Following approval of their application, Gazette went home on Monday.
  • Jay has won the heart of his wonderful foster family in Wheaton, and they have decided that he cannot leave! He will have 2 other cats as his buddies and role models.

Adoptions have been strong outside of our events as well, both for our adult cats and our kittens. 9 kittens (Nathaniel & Nahla (adopted together), Daniel, Dallas & Danica (all 3 adopted together), Giles (to be adopted with Deni, once Deni is neutered), Herald, Higgins, and Giorgio, as well as 4 adults (Gracie, Gracie II, Redford, Ambrosia) have all been adopted since our 7/11 event. There are also several other adoptions in the works which will be finalized in the next week. A happy and rewarding time!

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made the event possible. Set-up and clean-up went very smoothly and efficiently, even in a new venue, thanks to Sara, Bernie and Steve. Thanks to our foster moms (Candy, Diane, Melissa, Catherine, Stefny, Marisa, Marilyn, and Gillian) who brought their foster kittens to the event and were able to stay for all or a portion of the event to interact with our guests and adopters. Thanks to Sara and Bernie for help with adoption counseling and completing adoption contracts. Thanks to everyone for playing with, cuddling and entertaining our kittens - a rough job, but someone has to do it ;-)

Special thanks for all of the other valuable contributions which made the event a success - to Candy for the photography and videography during the event as well as driving the "kitten bus" to/from Naperville; to Connie, Stephanie and Ted for promoting the event on our Facebook page and web site; to Lauren for the cute cage cards (so sorry she could not stay for the event); to Mike and Debbie for the updates to the Adoptable Cats & Kittens binder and board; to Sara for help with the laundry; to Bernie for coordinating our lunch run.

Our next adoption event is scheduled for Saturday, 8/11, at Pet Supplies Plus at 720 E. Ogden Ave. in Naperville from 11am-3pm. Hope to see you there!



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The Feral Blog
Written by Ted Semon   
Thursday, July 26, 2018

Feral Fixers has partnered with Kuranda to allow you to donate a Cat Bed or Cat Tree to Feral Fixers! All you have to do is the click the link (either here or on our website) and you will be taken to the Kuranada - Feral Fixers donation page. There you can select one (or more?) products on the main page and pay for them and they will be automatically donated and shipped to Feral Fixers - no muss, no fuss!".

From the Kuranda website: "Thousands of animal shelters and rescue groups are receiving free Kuranda beds for their dogs and cats through the Kuranda Donation Program. Simply select the product you would like to donate and pay a discounted price for it. Kuranda does the rest! We ship the product directly to Feral Fixers. Donations of more than $50 ship for free. You can even Donate a bed as a gift or in memory of a loved one and we will mail a FREE Personalized Gift Acknowledgement Card from you!"

Thank you!

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From The President
Written by Tammy McAuley   
Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Since we updated our info just a few days ago, we have had another s/n day. On Thursday, 8/9, we sent 10 friendlies to ADOPT, 5 males, 5 females – thank you to Charli and Dedra for transporting! We also sent 5 cats to DCAS – 1 feral, 4 friendlies, of which 4 were males and 1 was a female – thank you Debbie for transporting! This brings us to 15 on Thursday, 48 for August, 359 for the year and 10,676 since 2007. Many thanks to the fosters who trek to my house at 7:15AM and then come back that same evening to get their kitties!

Building Update

I am constantly being asked what is going on with our building. Because Feral Fixers does not fit into any predetermined cat – egory, it has been a challenge. We finally found a building in Lombard that we could make work only to find out that, after being told for over a year that we would be welcomed into Zone 2 or Zone 5, we’re not a fit. Now we are told that we can take up residence in the Industrial Area, unfortunately there are no buildings for sale in that area. This sends us back to the drawing board, and the hunt continues. Stay tuned.

So Many Events, So Little Time!

There are a dizzying number of events in the next two months! Please consult our Events page for more details.

  • 8/11 Adoption Event at Pet Supplies Plus in Naperville – so many kittens! Update: Seven went home!
  • 8/12–18 Five Below – shop for those last-minute, back-to-school needs or cat-themed stuff, or maybe both!
  • 8/14 Portillo’s fundraiser – show your flyer at the register OR the first person you see at the drive-thru – help us make our goal!
  • 8/18 Clear the Shelters! In partnership with DuPage County Animal Services, we will have kittens for adoption in their new mobile unit – they can be seen from the outside, space is small so only pre-approved or adopters who have filled out an application will be admitted.
  • 8/25 Pints for Paws We’ve been invited to participate in an event at Crosstown Bar and Grill – we’ll have a couple of kittens there and lots of information about all of our adoptables!
  • 9/15 Get Needled for Feral Fixers! – an acupuncture fundraiser – do we have unique events or WHAT!
  • 9/22 Two Bostons Adopt-A-Rama – come out and see some of our adoptable kitties!
  • 9/30 Join us at West Suburban Humane Society’s Barkapalooza – always a great time!
  • 10/16 Wine & Whiskers fundraiser at Lynfred Winery in Roselle – Social event of the year!

There may be even more events popping up, so stay tuned!

Too Few Volunteers Having an Impact

This year has definitely been one of change. You may have noticed that our numbers are down. This time last year we had neutered 514 cats and our total right now is 359. We lost a volunteer who put in 60 hours a week and impacted many facets of the process, additional volunteers who had grown into their jobs and therefore needed two to three people to replace them, and so on. We used to be able to respond same day to a crisis – bottle babies, injured cats, etc, that is not always possible now. We were overwhelmed before, just don’t know the word for what we are now. It is not easy to volunteer for us, we’re not like any other rescue, we get volunteer applications but our requirements result in very few people actually volunteering with us. We’re not horrible people but what we do is time-consuming and is not a simple, two hours on Tuesday kind of thing (a building would help with that). Trapping, for instance, requires someone who can schedule their own time, work with difficult people and improvise on the fly, yet follow what we have determined to be the best way to do TNR. When we say, tell us what you can do and we’ll find a use for you, we mean it, not everyone can do every facet of the process. Keep us in mind when you have breaks in your schedule or when you retire, if we can use you it will be a huge gift to Feral Fixers. But don’t be upset if it just isn’t the right time or task availability, that happens.

As If They Were Our Own

In addition to the basic s/n package of surgery, vaccines, flea treatment, microchip, we also provide additional services to the feral and stray cat population. We’ve done many dentals on 8yr old ferals, wound care, upper respiratory, you name it! There are many cats that would not have survived but for our intervention. Here are some stories from May of this year.

Chip, After arrival in his new home
One of our recent stories involved a cat we named Chip. A 2yr old Ragdoll mix, we learned a lot about him thru his chip. He started out in Alaska, was adopted out thru a shelter there and had an eye defect at that time. His people moved to Wisconsin and after a time, adopted a puppy and Chip was then put outside - abandoned. Our volunteer took him in, knew he had issues. His eye was re-checked, found to be stable. He tested negative for FELV/FIV but had severe stomatitis. 14 teeth were extracted, all of those behind the canines, lower and upper, both sides. Chip felt so much better after the procedure! He has gone on to be adopted, his adopters went on with another dental as the inflammation with the other teeth got worse, and the rest of his teeth were removed by their vet. Our cost for Chip was $1,200. He should go on to have a great life now, despite the rocky start. So many thanks to the adopters for their great care!

May was definitely a month for dentals. One of our adopted cats, Alamo, spent a very long time in foster before being adopted to a wonderful couple. Although he had a dental before adoption, he also needed an extensive return visit, which we helped with at a cost of $600. He is doing so very well now!!!

Corn is an FIV+ cat that had labwork and a dental at a cost to Feral Fixers of $250. Many thanks to his adopters who are taking great care of him and did not let his FIV status deter them from bringing him home!

In addition to these stories there were snap tests for cats that decided to come inside, vaccinations, Convenia shots, fluids given, medications that could only be obtained from our vet. Our total for just May was $2,379. The numbers add up and while we do as much as we can ourselves and think more about the cat’s quality of life versus our own feelings, medical care for the cats that we support can amount to $36,000 a year.

With the “As If They Were Our Own” fundraiser, we would ask that you donate to help us continue to care for those cats that have no other support in place, have encountered health challenges thru no fault of their own, and have caretakers who are struggling to keep them well-fed and do not have that extra $100 it would cost them at their vet for a shot of antibiotic.

This is another Giving Grid fundraiser and will run from August 15th to October 15th to give our donors plenty of time to donate. We have already received pledges of donations to be matched in the amount of $3,400! Click on the link and follow the prompts, share a picture or a note and help us continue to help the stray and feral cats by matching the funds! If the funds are matched, that would bring the total to $6,800 and equal to more than two average months of vet costs! That would be awesome!

Please donate - thank you!

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From The President
Written by Tammy McAuley   
Saturday, August 04, 2018

Since our last update in May, Feral Fixers has neutered 198 additional cats, bringing our year total to 344 and our total since 2007 to 10,661. Many thanks to Laura, Diane, Cheri and all the other trappers and caretakers who have stepped forward to keep up the numbers of cats coming in since our volunteer changes. We couldn’t do this without our transporters, Debbie, Charli, Dedra, Linda & Mark, driving our meowers on all these trips for spay/neuter. With both ADOPT and DuPage County Animal Services doing the majority of our spay/neuter, travel times are greatly reduced, which is huge! And Catnap From The Heart has thankfully been squeezing in those stragglers that show up late or unscheduled!

With fewer volunteers to carry the load, we are still reducing the overpopulation and euthanization in DuPage County! Thank you to our supporters!


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