Thank you to everyone who has assisted us this year! Thank you to everyone who has taken the effort to spay/neuter the cats under their care! You have all made a lasting difference!

On Thursday, 11/15/18 we sent 10 cats to ADOPT, one feral (slipped in) and 9 friendlies. One of the friendlies displayed URI symptoms upon arrival to the clinic and another did not make the weight limitation - overnight fasting can make a big difference! This resulted in 1 female spay and 7 male neuters. In addition, we spayed 1 friendly female at GEAH on 11/12. This brings us to 47 for the month of November, 618 for 2018 and 10,935 since our start in 2007.

Thank you to Charli and Dedra for transporting again!

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming fundraiser - Black Cat Giving Tuesday - we have promised funds of $2,500 to be matched! There are many different ways to raise funds around Giving Tuesday, stay tuned!

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