Since our last update in May, Feral Fixers has neutered 198 additional cats, bringing our year total to 344 and our total since 2007 to 10,661. Many thanks to Laura, Diane, Cheri and all the other trappers and caretakers who have stepped forward to keep up the numbers of cats coming in since our volunteer changes. We couldn’t do this without our transporters, Debbie, Charli, Dedra, Linda & Mark, driving our meowers on all these trips for spay/neuter. With both ADOPT and DuPage County Animal Services doing the majority of our spay/neuter, travel times are greatly reduced, which is huge! And Catnap From The Heart has thankfully been squeezing in those stragglers that show up late or unscheduled!

With fewer volunteers to carry the load, we are still reducing the overpopulation and euthanization in DuPage County! Thank you to our supporters!

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